Industry Types

For various applications like car & bike washing, interior cleaning etc., Santoni provides state of the art solutions for cleaning.
Food Processing
Food Processing
Various types of industries within food processing segment benefit from innovative vacuum cleaning solutions provided by Santoni – be it meat processing, confectionary, beverages, snacks, etc.
Toxic & Hazardous Material Handling Industries
Several customised vacuum cleaners have been developed to handle highly toxic materials – for instance, Nickel Oxide handling has been done with upwards of 99.999% efficiency, and no leakage.
Precious Metal
Precious Metal / High Value Material Capture & Handling
Items like gold dust, and certain high value materials used in various processes in chemical industry have been handled with ultra-high efficiency systems developed by Santoni Vacuum Cleaning Segment
Textile & Garments
One of the biggest issues faced by textile spinning mills, looms, and weaving units is the generation & spreading of harmful lint & fluff. This light weight material flies around and enters moving component of production equipment – thus creating problems of high wear & tear, reduced life etc. Special industrial vacuum cleaners have been developed for the textile & garment segments.
Electronics & PCB Manufacture
Some processes in PCB manufacture involve generation of dust – drilling, CNC routers etc. Effective vacuum systems for on-line cleaning of generated dust have been developed by Santoni
Engineering Work Shop
Abrasive metal dust & chips are generated by various processes in mechanical engineering work shops – be it grinding, buffing, drilling, tapping, etc. – all this material can be effectively handled by special custom made Santoni Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines.


Explosive & Inflammable Material
Certain industries require the safe handling of explosive/highly inflammable dust – these systems need to be completely flame proof, and should be able to isolate electric charges of all forms. These systems are available with Santoni.