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HVR Series

HVR series

For continuous duty applications – with Low Noise Running

India’s First Indigenous Ultra Industrial Vacuum Cleaner was developed by Santoni for Mausam Bhavan (The Weather Department), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India - this was in 1985. Since then, Santoni has been actively developing innovative heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner for various applications.

The HVR Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have many advantages:

  • Metal bodies from top to bottom
  • Turbine Blower directly shaft mounted to induction motor – can run continuously for  24 hours
  • Nearly endless customization possibilities – with 32 years of experience
  • Noiseless operation
  • Induction motors with cooling fan – for longer life of motors
  • In-built Filter Shaking System – clean filter without removal – just rotate the handle – this mechanism is best-in-class
  • Proprietary Lift & Lock Container System – easiest, most intuitive container removal & reattachment system
  • Oversized filters, Less Chocking - for more consistent vacuum performance
  • Possibility of various automatic filter cleaning systems – for non-stop consistent vacuum cleaning with high pressures

Standard & Customizable Models Available:

  • Power Ratings: 3, 5, 7.5, 10 HP or even higher with 440V three phase motors
  • 3 HP model can even be arranged in 220V single phase motor
  • With Various Filtration Grades:
    • General use textile filter
    • Micro Filter
    • Cartridge Filters for trapping particles up to 1 µ
    • Bag-Filter
    • Cyclone Separation
    • HEPA filter for trapping particles down to and including 0.3 µ  with 99.997% efficiency.12 µ with 89.99% efficiency
    • ULPA filter for trapping particles down to and including 0.12 µ with 99.999% efficiency
  • Types of Filter Cleaning Systems Available:
    • Mechanical Shaking – Manual
    • Mechanical Shaking – Automatic with timer & motor
    • Automatic Reverse Pulsing for Cartridge Filters
    • Automatic Reverse Pulsing for Cartridge Filters – with on-board compressor & timer or differential pressure sensor – delivers the most CONSISTENT peak suction pressure
    • Automatic Reverse Pulsing with Bag Filter System
  • Types of nozzles available
    • Hand Held: round brush, crevice, upholstery, spray
    • On Extension Wand: wet floor nozzle, carpet nozzle, bulk nozzle
    • Fixed Squeegee for walk behind operation on wet floors
    • Custom Made Suction Nozzles – fixed/movable type