Application Type

Dust binGeneral Zones:
Cleaning of floors, roof, ceiling, panel boards, control panels, office flooring, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning etc.

Engineering Workshop & Manufacturing: Abrasive metal dust cleaning from production machinery, floor, walls, on-line metal dust capturing etc.

Powder Bulk Powders & Spillage:
Processes like powder coating lead to massive powder spills – booth cleaning, spillage cleaning done. Cement industry faces massive material spillage in the packing area – systems developed to lift multiple tons of material every hour.

Electronics & PCB ManufactureElectronics & PCB Manufacture:
Several processes like drilling/routing etc generate dust – this tends to hard the end product. Vacuum cleaners available to pick up this dust without affecting the production processes. With HEPA filter, this vacuum cleaner will allow zero discharge of dust in the air – perfect for super clean zones

automotive-assemblyAutomotive Assembly Line:
Dust generated from processes cleaned from control panels, shop floor, various equipment etc.

automotive-assemblyCar & Bike Service Station:
Cleaning of car interiors – seats, carpets, roofliner, boot etc. – this may be dry cleaning, or wet cleaning with chemicals. Fully automated systems with high level of customization – to provide cleaning at various car bays from a central vacuum system is available

T-shirtTextile & Garments:
Dedicated MILVAC series available for textile mills – highly suitable for knitting, spinning and weaving. This machine allows suction with ultra-thin nozzles that can enter into very narrow production equipment crevices comfortably. Rapid cleaning of fluff & lint.

food-processingFood Processing:
Special Vacuum Cleaners available for food processing areas – these machines allow cleaning in all ultra clean zones – with the help of multiple graded filtration processes. FDA certified facilities especially stand to benefit with Santoni Food Processing Area Vacuum Cleaners

Optical LensOptical Lens / Contact Lens:
Plastic contact lenses are chilled with cold air, and then put on special lathe machines – this generates some dust. It is critical to effectively remove this dust continuously. Santoni Central Vacuum Systems have been custom made for this application

dangerToxic Material:
Safe handling of hazardous material is a big challenge – and this has been effectively met with custom made vacuum systems – conveying of toxic material effectively & safely. Solutions have been developed for multiple clients.

gold-coinPrecious Metal/ High Value Material Handling:
With material that has a high value, it is crucial to effectively capture the same. With multiple level graded filters, containing particles down to 0.12 microns is also a realistic possibility. Reliable vacuum cleaners for this have been developed by Santoni.

explossive-meterialExplosive/Inflammable Material:
Safe handling of inflammable/explosive material is critical in certain types of industries. A dedicated range of vacuum cleaners is available for this activity.

oilLubrication Oil Cleaning for Reuse:
Circulation oil used for lubrication in various industrial equipment gets dirty with use. This oil can be removed using Santoni OILFIX series via suction, cleaned via filtration, and then put back for re-use. Santoni Oilfix series contribute to the profit of the clients.