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Having handled versatile applications – India’s First Super HEPA industrial Clean-room Vacuum, safe Toxic & Hazardous material handling, fluff/lint handling in textile/garment sector, oil cleaning for reuse, bulk fine powder handling, optical lens, and many more – thousands of equipment running successfully world-wide.


of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners Systems

dust bin
General Cleaning
dust bin
Engineering Machine Shop/Manufacturing/ Idustrial Area /
dust bin
Bulk Dry Powders & Spillages
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Electronics – PCB / semi-conductor manufacturing
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Automotive – Assembly line area / Service Centers
dust bin
Textile & Garments

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Food Processing
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Optical Lenses
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Toxic/Hazardous Material
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High Value Material – Precious metals/certain chemicals
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Explosive/Inflammable Material
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Oil Cleaning for Re-Use

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The Right Vacuum Cleaners Systems for Your Need

Determination of the suitable product is most important – the right Industrial product will ensure ease of use, correct (and safe) material handling, efficiency in working, effective work, and longer working life.

There are 3 easy steps:

1. Determine Material Type
  • Common dust
  • Heavy Solids (like metal pellets)
  • Abrasive solid waste (like metal dust)
  • Fine Powders (determine average particle size)
  • General Liquid waste (water/oil spillage)
  • Viscous Liquids
  • Sticky material
2. Duty Type
  • Intermittent
  • Continuous 24 hours
3. Filtration Needed
  • Super Clean Rooms: 5 Stage
  • Precious/High Value Materials: 4 stage
  • General Area
  • Special Type: Ask for Expert Consultation

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Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Truly a pioneer in the field of HEPA industrial vacuum cleaners, Santoni has developed many machines for the first time in India – ultra cleaner, industrial use vacuum cleaner, central vacuum systems.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of Santoni Cleaning Machines is their continuous evolution. For instance, the industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners manufactured by Santoni feature specially developed relief

valves to supply air to the blower, in case the suction pipeline is blocked. They also have lift & lock mechanism for the containers to be released or locked in place.

Besides this, the application handled by Santoni industrial vacuum cleaners range from general dust & water removal, lubricating & cooling oil cleaning for re-use, toxic/hazardous material handling, precious metal handling, and bulk material handling.

Santoni also offers the service of helping with the correct industrial vacuum cleaner for your need  -  determine material to be lifted, duty level, and filtration type needed. This is the most scientific approach to model selection for heavy duty industrial use vacuum cleaners.

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